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Dirk Piester Dear Visitor,
welcome on my homepage. Here, you will find some information about me and my research. From 1997-2002, I worked in the field of semiconductor technology at the Technical University Braunschweig. Since 2002 my work is focussed on the highly interesting field of time and frequency. If you are interested in the subjects I work and worked on, please enjoy this website and feel free to contact me.
Dirk Piester

Time and Frequency (since 2002)

TWSTFT antenna Since 2002 I am a member of PTB's time dissemination group. My main interests are international time and frequency comparisons and dissemination of legal time in Germany. Worldwide, atomic clocks of many time labs, among them the USNO in Washington DC, the NIST in Colorado and the NICT in Tokyo, are being compared by satellite based techniques, i.e. with GPS and telecommuncation satellites. The most prominent example for the dissemination of time in Germany is the low frequency transmitter DCF77.

Nanostructures in Semiconductor Devices (1997-2002)

quantum wire laser The implementation of nanostructures in technical applications is one of the key technologies for future developments. At the Institute for Semiconductor Technology (Institut für Halbleitertechnik, IHT) my work was focussed on the preparation (lithography) and characterization (AFM, electrical, optical) of III-V-semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic devices. In this framework, of special interest were mechanism of MOVPE crystal growth (homogeneity vs. self organized growth) and the implementation of nanostructures in InGsAsP/InP-based quantum wire lasers and quantum cascade lasers.

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Dirk Piester

Dirk Piester

Dirk Piester